NWK World

NHK World Premium is the international satellite television service from Japan’s NHK network.  

In July 2005 Television Oceania launched a new channel, NHK World Premium Australia, for direct to home reception throughout Australia. For details please see www.japantv.com.au

The channel presents 24 hours of programming each day, including regular news bulletins, current affairs and information, sports (including the major Sumo Tournaments) drama, music and children’s programs.  

For further information go to http://www.nhk-jn.co.jp/wp/index_e.html

Please contact us for a detailed proposal to license NHK World Premium Television to your hotel or for corporate subscriptions.  

TVO also provides two Japanese language television channels on ‘pay-per-day’ basis, combining NHK programs with local tourist information and Japanese movies.