Scientific Atlanta

Television Oceania is the distributor of Scientific-Atlanta satellite receiver products for Australia and New Zealand.  TVO provides expert local support and carries stocks of the most popular models to reduce lead-times to customers.

PowerVu© Satellite Receivers

The complete range of Scientific -Atlanta PowerVu satellite receivers meets any challenge. Choose from multi-featured receivers for professional, commercial, headend or business applications. Receive and decrypt up to 16 channels simultaneously for delivery of multi-program transport streams (MPTS) in digital cable headends or program turnaround applications.

PowerVu Program Receiver Model D9850

The affordable digital solution designed to further improve the economics of satellite program distribution.  The Program Receiver is the first of a new generation of PowerVu receivers, and introduces new features such as support for Digital Program Insertion (DPI) while remaining compatible with existing PowerVu networks, aspect ratio conversion and optional SDI with embedded audio output. 

D9850 Product Data Sheet (PDF)

Satellite Receiver Model D9835

Designed for satellite content distribution of video and audio, targeting the basic business TV, private networks and SMATV environment. The receiver offers reception of digitally encrypted video, audio and VBI data. Allows 64 pre-sets for quick re-tuning to other broadcasts.

D9835 Product Data Sheet (PDF)

PowerVu  Multiple Decryption Receiver  D9828

Receives, demodulates and decrypts multiple PowerVu encrypted MPEG-2/DVB digital programs delivered via satellite or terrestrial interface. Decoded composite video and balanced audio for monitoring. ASI and DHEI transport outputs for digital tier program delivery to cable headends or direct-to-home networks.

D9828 Product Data Sheet (PDF)

Commercial Decoder  D9844

The Model D9844 Commercial Decoder is designed to receive broadcasts using MPEG-2 4:2:0 digital compression technology. It is ideally suited for decoding digitally compressed signals for further distribution into direct-to-home networks. Optional IP input or output interfaces provide for next generation network architecture integration. 

D9844  Product Data Sheet (PDF)

Professional Decoder  D9846

Model D9846 Professional Decoder is designed to receive broadcasts using MPEG-2 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 digital compression technology. It is ideally suited for contribution, broadcast and professional applications requiring 4:2:2 decoding. An optional IP interface is available for contributing networks.

D9846 Product Data Sheet (PDF)

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